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Give your business breathing space, move your home office to the garden

Give your business breathing space, move your home office to the garden

Affordable, insulated and double glazed for all year use

Space too tight to work at home? Work easier with a Garden Office

Bedroom too small to operate from? Kitchen table not big enough? No where private for your phone calls? Move your office into the garden will solve your space problems and help you work more efficiently.

You can “open” when you wish, leave all your paperwork out, your computer and printer connected and then “lock it up” and stroll back to the house at the end of the day.

It’s private, secure, free from noise and distractions, keeps you available to your family and its cost effective.  The ideal working environment for your growing business.

About Garden Offices by Phill Speechley

Phill Speechley Garden Offices

Phill Speechley has been involved in various bespoke joinery and shop fitting projects for over 25 years and he now continues with his knowledge and skills to produce custom built home offices.

Using modern joinery methods with well researched timber-frame building constructional details we combine the very best to produce a superior building.

All projects are approached with a passionate and engaging attitude intent on creating a truly bespoke office.

Move your office to the garden

Great for studios too

Many of our customers use their garden buildings for artists studios, hobby and yoga studios, relaxation rooms and sound-proofed music rooms.